Witch Way Is Up Cover ArtXenith LaCroix was a headstrong, homeless young woman who lived in New Orleans and recently discovered she was descended from a long line of witches. She moved to Chicago to escape agents of an international witch coven, who planned to manipulate her. Xenith is taken in and mentored by a powerful Voodoo priestess named Zaji Laveau, in order to learn how to control her abilities. Alone in a strange city and reeling from the discovery of her uncanny abilities, she wanders out one night to exert her freedom and gets more than she bargained for.

Gregor Kolinski is a vampire enforcer assigned to secretly protect Xenith as repayment of a blood debt between Zaji and his master. When Xenith encounters Diana, an enforcer for the coven, Gregor must reveal himself in order to protect her. The forces that threaten to enslave her have also thrown Xenith and Gregor together. Will their steamy passion help them to come together against this powerful threat or will it leave them vulnerable and prove to be their undoing?

***Parental Warning!!!***
Recommended for Mature Readers Only!
18 years and older


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