Hello folks! Would you like to spread the word about my books? I would be honored to receive your support and I want to personally invite you to join

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Helping in this manner could be as simple as recommending my work to a family member, friend or co-worker. But, if you want to do more then please know that it would be GREATLY appreciated!

You might be wondering what you would get out of being a member of my street team besides my gratitude…well check out the bullet points below to find out!

  • The opportunity to have a character named after you in one of the books in my series.
  • The opportunity to be entered into a drawing to win a personalized, autographed copy of The God Killers. THIS IS FOR MY STREET TEAM MEMBERS ONLY! All who become Street Team members will be automatically entered.
  • I will draw a winner sometime in September.
  • A subscription to my free monthly newsletter.
  • The opportunity to be a special Beta Reader for my next novel, The Conclave!

What can you do to help?

  • If you have already picked up and read a copy of The God Killers and liked it, please be sure to review it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Goodreads! An essay or journal article length review is NOT necessary, one word reviews such as, “EXCELLENT!”, works for me!
  • Please check your local library to see if they carry a copy of my books. If it doesn’t, please ask them for copies. Simply give them my name (John F. Allen), the book title(s) (The God Killers), and the publisher (Seventh Star Press).
  • If by chance you don’t see my books in the bookstore, please ask the store to order copies.
  • Check out my Pro Shop and order the spiffy, swag-tatic gear and/or other items featured there!
  • Please like and tag my books on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, etc…

So what can you do to join? First, like The John F. Allen Writer Street Team on facebook. I’m more than eager and willing to answer most questions you have about the series (except those which will reveal too much…gotta have surprises!) If you’d like to be added to my list of Street Team members, simply fill out the form below:


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